Healtech Quick Shifter Easy

Quick Shifters. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, one thing’s sure: you can’t ignore ‘em.
These days, most new bikes come equipped with a factory fitted quick shifter system. Which means that everything’s calibrated and designed to work best with the bike’s native ignition and electronics package.
But what happens if you have an older bike, or simply one that doesn’t have that quick shifty goodness pre installed to its inner bits?

Quick Shifter Easy

Well, enter Healtech Electronics.
I’ve had my run-ins with shifty aftermarket quick shifter systems, and let me tell you, when things are not running smooth in that department it can be a major nuisance. It may even be quite dangerous if you find yourself stomping on the gear shifter at the racetrack and nothing happens. This is why it’s absolutely imperative to be able to trust your shifter 100% of the time.

Quick shifter easy installation

I got in touch with the guys from Healtech late in 2018 season, just in time for the season’s last track day at Cremona Circuit. After some deliberation we’ve decided that I’d test out their Quick Shifter Easy system, a true plug&play device with easy setup and calibration.

The Quickshifter hooks up to the bike's ignition, simply adding the connectors to bypass the wires on the original system, without cutting, splicing or re-wiring. The installation part is so simple that if you can change the spark plugs on your bike - you can install this baby. After connecting the wires and attaching the units in place with the handy auto-adhesive - a process that, all in all, takes at most 20 minutes, it's time to connect the Quickshifter Easy to the smartphone via Bluetooth, and run the setup wizard on the Healtech app.

Following along the instructions on the screen, you'll need to have your bike on a stand (I recommend the ones from Bike-Lift, of course), in order to rev through the gears. The app will spit out some data and you’ll need to adjust the parameters directly on your smartphone screen. And that's it! As simple as that. Of course some test rides are necessary for fine tuning, but the beauty of it is that it's all done through the smartphone and right on the spot.

Out on the racetrack the Quichshifter performed flawlessly, with some minor adjustments needed to the gear lever sensitivity. As with all other parameters, even the touch sensitivity is fully customizable through you smartphone as you reenter the pits. For those of us not involved in racing, having a quick shifter on the bike adds to the fun, and eliminates the need to let off the throttle on the upshist, making the accelerations smoother and eliminating one more thing your mind has to concentrate on when riding.

So, if you're looking for a true plug and play device, Healtech should definitely be on your shopping list. Not only for the track-rat out there, but also for road use, this little smart device adds a huge fun factor to your ride.

Do you have a quickshifter system on your bike? Do you have any questions about the Healtech system? Let me know in the comments below!