Pando Moto Rosie Devil Plain: dressing for the slide has never been so stylish.

Rugged, protective, and stylish. I’ve got to say that I’m very impressed with the Pando Moto Rosie Devil Plain motorcycle jeans. But let’s start from the beginning, what is Pando Moto? Where do they come from, and what do they stand for?

Pando Moto is not your typical motorcycle gear manufacturer. Well, for once, they’re based out of Lithuania, a small yet very particular Baltic state, on the very eastern outskirts of the European union. Pando takes pride in producing their item in the EU, something that almost all other manufacturers don’t do. The folks at Pando say that mass production can’t equal good quality, fit and style. They’re right.

Ok, back to the pants now. You can always go to Pando’s website and read all about the durable yet stretchy Cordura denim, the interlock knit Kevlar lining, the reflective cuffs, the included Knox CE knee armor and the hip armor pockets. You can read all about how these jeans are hand made, how they’re hand treated to look aged, how they’re proudly made in Europe.

Let’s go over what you can’t read there, or anywhere else, for that matter. Here’s my experience:

If you’ve been around the metaphorical block of women’s motorcycle gear shopping, you know that the main issue has always been fit. Especially when purchasing online. Pando has modeled their jeans around the sizing and fit that you’d expect from your favorite fashion denim, so usually measuring your best fitting Levi’s and going by that. That’s what I’ve done and the fit was perfect.
If you’re not happy with the fit, however, there’s a 30 day return period.

By the way, if I can help you girls, I’m 160cm, roughly 63kg and wear a size 29W/32L.

By the way, if I can help you girls, I’m 160cm, roughly 63kg and wear a size 29W/32L.

Flexibility, real life use and freedom of movement
While these are skinny jeans, by all means they are not constrictive, thanks to the stretchy accordion panels of knees and back. Also, the knee armor pockets are built in such a way that the insertion of the armor pads doesn’t create creases or strain on your knees. Also, the pockets are easily accessible from the outside, allowing you to remove and insert the armor on the fly, without taking the jeans off. In other words, it’s comfy.

Style & finish
The Rosie Devil Plain is a medium-high waist (at least on me), slim fit motorcycle jean. The stretchy panels and aged treatment give these a rugged, Rock-style look, without sacrificing the truly protective function of these pants.

Pando have provided a piece of the fabric used in these jeans, with a cut in the middle of it, and neither me nor my husband have been able to make it rip. This is a seriously protective piece of gear, and I regularly go for it even when going out, especially in winter as the thicker denim provides an extra protection against the cold.

Bottom Line
As my honest opinion, being generally a skeptic of jeans (I’d usually go for leather) I do feel protected in these, and while jeans will forever be less protective as leather, I feel like the slim fit makes sure that armor will not move around and the top notch materials will keep our butts safe even in a higher speed crash.

Visit Pando Moto on their Website, Instagram or YouTube channel for more!