Tipping point - women in motorcycling

With studies coming out stating that 1 of 5 motorcycle owners are women (in the US, numbers in EU and the rest of the world are on a significant upward trend as well), I think we are arriving at a tipping point. 

We are approaching a moment where we are getting closer and closer to the natural divide between men and women when it comes to motorcycle ownership numbers and the motorcycling community in general.

So if you're a woman just getting into motorcycling, or like me, started out when there was literally no other woman that could be seen riding around, it's time to take a step back and evaluate.

 In the early days of the latest female motorcycling wave, around the time when I started riding 10 years ago, seeing a woman on a motorcycle was a rare and extraordinary occurrence. I honestly believe that at some point, I was the only Motorcycle rider in my city of Haifa in Israel. Women biker numbers were at an all time low and no attention was given to this tiny market segment by the industry. 

Fast forward 10 years, and today women's motorcycling has grown exponentially, and so has the industry's attention, with more products, services and initiatives dedicated to women. 

As women in motorcycling become mainstream we are nearing the end of a time where riding around the streets and shouting out that "women can ride too". Because, as the facts clearly demonstrate, we can. We're also nearing the end of the era where a biker lady is to be seen as a unicorn, a 1 in 1000 or some kind of rebel, rolling off into the sunset on her steel horse.

As biker women become more common and a bigger part of the motorcycling community, many traditional motorcycle media outlets are quickly adapting to cater to this growing demographic. Either by partnering with existing women's motorcycle blogs or by establishing their own sections, dedicated to women on bikes.

 We need to get used to the idea that being female bikers is, in fact, normal. As women are also portrayed riding bikes in movies, commercials and in the general media, so the once agitated and warrior like mentality of the trailblazer can be transformed and the driving energy redirected at paving the way for future generations.

We have made an impact, we have carved out our space, now it's time to settle in, gear up and cultivate a growing, blooming, beautiful and positive contribution to the motorcycling history.


As today we look back at the rockers who pioneered street racing, or the rebellious 70's motorcycling subcultures who have left us their legacy and their mark, so will the 2020's be remembered at the years where female motorcycling has reached a tipping point, to become truly mainstream. This is why I encourage every female biker out there to think of their place in this exciting time, not only as female bikers and creators for female bikers, but as biker people for biker people, for our contribution can and should be enjoyed by everybody. 


 Bella Litinetski

Woman on a motorcycle bella litinetski