5 most badass women motorcycle bloggers to follow in 2019

The gods will always smile on brave women.

female motorcycle bloggers

After a recent post on Instagram, that was captioned "The gods will always smile on brave women" I was inspired, nay, determined to make a list of extraordinary female Motorcycle bloggers to watch for in 2019. Some of these names have been around for a while, and have inspired yours truly at the very beginning of my journey.  Yes, I'm talking pre- instagram days.

While there are some household names on this list, I'd like to focus on more recent entries, showcasing the new generation of biker ladies who are experts in their fields and who are sharing the journey and inspire others in the process.

Truly good and inspiring motorcycle resources are rare and hard to come by, and each of these blogs has been selected for a different reason. Some inspiring, some informational others concentrated on various motorcycle curiosities and culture. So, without further ado, 

here are the best, most badass female motorcycling blogs and websites to watch for in 2019

The Traveller: Egle Gerulaityte

Egle Gerulaityte woman motorcycle traveller

Hailing from Europe's weird Baltic cousin, Lithuania, Egle Gerulaityte is a motorcycle traveler, adventurer, and storyteller.

"As the founding editor of www.womenadvriders.com, I love connecting female motorcyclists around the globe and help them travel more, better, and further. I am on an indefinite RTW journey and most days, you can find me looking for delicious local coffee, typing madly on my laptop or exploring local off-road trails."

You can find Egle’s adventures on:

Instagram: @eglegerai

The Racer: Red Spade

Red Spade Anna Rigby

One of the very first female motorcycle personalities I came across, Anna Rigby, AKA Red Spade has been around the interwebs for the best part of the last decade. Red Spade’s Instagram is jam packed with all things motorcycles, racing, track days and canyon rides. A photographer, artist, knee dragging badass and an ambassador for all things awesome, you can find Anna here:


Instagram: @redspade

 The Builder: RideWelll


Loryn Cole is an enthusiastic motorcycle builder and wrencher who has “started RIDEWELL after realizing that it was really hard to find  useful, well-written information about motorcycle safety, and that  nobody was really talking about motorcycles in the way I viewed them ⎯  as an incredible, fun way to experience life, that is also challenging, and requires dedication, maturity, and commitment.”

You can find Loryn’s builds, tips, reviews and musings here:

Instagram: @ridewell

The restless: Tasha paz

tasha paz on a bespoke honda

A (digital) nomad, biker, explorer of moto-humanity and my compatriot, Tasha Paz traverses the less-traveled roads and alleys of contemporary motorcycle culture.
”In 2018 I founded the Motoculture Journal as my own media outlet to cover the human component behind the machines, the deeper aspects of the culture and the most misrepresented communities around the world.”
You can find Tasha here:

Instagram: @restlesstasha

The industry insider: kate ralph

kate ralph

Working inside the motorcycle industry and dedicating every waking moment to her love of bikes, Kate is an all around, dedicated biker lady. Her blog covers her adventures, bike trips and track days and is a window into Kate’s BikeLife in north-west England.

Catch up with Kate at:

Instagram: @usernamekate