Gungnir, a Norse Mythology inspired Motorcycle

Gungnir, a Norse Mythology inspired Motorcycle

Well, if you're reading here I take the liberty to assume that you already know all about the Petrolettes Wrench off by Royal Enfield, if not, please check it here. With the general, broad framework of this competition out of the way, I wanted to delve deeper into my personal project, my very own journey into the dark, shady meanders of motorcycle custom building.

For your eyes only: my motorcycle eyewear experience

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to the kind of eyewear you choose when you go out for a ride on your favourite roads. Like your helmet, everything that's going to be in contact with your head for long periods of time has to be light, comfortable and functional. Enter WileyX.

I first found out about WileyX after an extensive research on eyewear and eye protection (why protection? I'll get to that later) brands online. I knew I was looking for a no-nonsence brand that's focused on the function and quality of its products rather than on the fashion aspects of it. In motorcycling, as in any other action or extreme sports, your vision is paramount in your ability to perform and crucial for your safety. That's why there can be no compromise on eyesight. 

What to look for in your riding shades? 

First and foremost, the rule goes: do no harm. That's why the two first things I look for in my sunglasses is comfort and safety. By comfort I mean the way the glasses sit and fit in the helmet, the pressure they create (or not) on the bridge of the nose and the general ease of use. These things are important because if the temples or temple tips generate pressure or discomfort on the sides of your head, it's a recipe for headaches and misery. Same with the nose pads. These things reveal themselves in prolonged use and can ruin a perfectly good ride.

Safety: not all glasses are safe in the case of a crash, that's just the simple, plain truth. Last thing you want is more damage or more injury in the event of a motorcycle accident. That's why it's best to choose shatter proof lenses, like the ones from WileyX, that actually have a ballistic rating and certification. Also, a word needs to be said for optically correct lenses. You need to be sure the lenses you have actually show you reality in a non-warped way, otherwise you might miscalculate your distance, and that’s never a good thing.

 Now that we've cleared these things, we can move over to the glasses themselves. The pairs my husband and I are sporting in these photos are the Kingpin model with different lenses and frame colors. The Kingpin are hands down the best eye-wear items we've ever owned, and we both agree on this (which is frankly, a big deal).

The Kingpin frame is lightweight and the hinges are flexible, allowing the glasses to be easily wiggled into place inside almost any helmet. The temples and temple tips are compact and don't disturb at all while in place. We’ve tested them for more than a few consecutive hours and had absolutely no problems with pressure or sudden onset of headaches. 

The polarized lenses (Amber Gold for me, Blue for the Mr.) reduce glare and provide just the right amount of dimming (12% transmission) to improve visibility and reduce fatigue (due to squinting) when riding in bright conditions. With the improved visibility and your eye muscles free from the pressure of squinting all the time, you can concentrate on your ride and be more aware of your surroundings.

 And last but not least: they look amazing! Many people, this includes me and my husband, sometimes forgo wearing eyewear simply because it rarely fits the face in a way that looks nice, or even acceptable. The Kingpin's however look amazing and complement different head shapes and facial features. They're just sleek and neutral enough to be worn by both men and women, so if you get two pairs for you and your significant other, you can swap on occasion, and see the world though their eyes.

 If you would like to give these a go, please remember to use code ABELLALIT for 20% off your entire order on

Gear Guide for Women: Leather Jackets

Gear Guide for Women: Leather Jackets

When I look in women’s motorcycling groups and on dedicated pages online, it looks like a lot of ladies are at a loss when it comes to picking women’s leather motorcycle jackets, and even more so when it comes to trousers. I’m certainly a proponent of ATGATT (All The Gear All The Time) within reason, and leather clothing can do a lot for a motorcyclist in the event of a crash, but what not a lot of people know, is that if it fits correctly, leather gear can actually support you while riding. Let’s take a look at how to choose and how to buy for fit rather than for fashion.

A complete beginners guide to Motorcycle engraving

A complete beginners guide to Motorcycle engraving

When I got my hands on the Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 for the Petrolettes Wrench-Off I was sure something needed to be done with the clutch, stator and valve covers, although I wasn't quite sure what. The initial plan was to cold-blue them with some gun bluing fluid, but a whim, at 11 pm one night made me click purchase on Amazon, having the Dremel tool delivered to my door the very next day.

Made like Gungnir

Made like Gungnir

Not so long ago, in a land not so very far away, Loki was running as fast as he could.

He was nearly out of breath and his side started to hurt, yet he didn't stop, he couldn't. That morning, he had the fine idea of chopping Thor's wife's hair clean off, leaving Thor furious and his wife in tears. As these things usually turn out, Loki now was in immediate risk of death by lightning, if he couldn't make this right by nightfall.


Wayward Motorcycles LLC part 2

Wayward Motorcycles LLC part 2

Most importantly, it was outside London’s commuter belt, a Kuiper Belt of human asteroids and comets, ever bombarding the towns with people, drawn into the orbit of London’s megalopolis as if it were the Sun. They made it impossible for little satellite towns to have a life of their own. That’s why Mars doesn’t have life, you know, too many meteorites.

Leveling up: tips that will make you a better rider instantly. Part 1

Leveling up: tips that will make you a better rider instantly. Part 1

Adjust the bike to YOU. Motorcycles are manufactured to a standard, and this standard is some kind of statistical model of an average human. Now, since actual humans vary widely, a motorcycle tuned for everybody is a motorcycle tuned for nobody. That's why the first thing to do, before going out and buying expensive mods, is to tune the bike to your needs. Maybe these parts that you think need replacing merely need some adjustment.

The perfect motorcycle backpack, on a budget

The perfect motorcycle backpack, on a budget

Roomy, light, durable, waterproof, aerodynamic and comfortable. These are only some of the characteristics that come to mind when we think about motorcycle backpacks. And for a good reason! Anything you wear on a motorcycle can drastically affect your ride, for better or worse, yet most of the time we have no choice but to carry our luggage on our backs.

Winter Biker Challenge


Unite and support winter bikers on the journey towards physical fortitude and personal growth.

Winter is coming. And with it, the motorcycles that are being left in the garage, batteries taken off them, covers pulled over the shiny headlights.

We have wrapped ourselves in comfort, in ease and in fluffy sweaters.

We have made our lives cushy and safe.

It's all too easy to become afraid of discomfort when you shield yourself from it. It's just so easy to layer on the defenses and curl up into a shivering ball, not leaving the house.

But it's time to stand tall, take a big breath and face our fears. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Get comfortable being cold, in pain and hungry. Get comfortable in chasing down your fears, until they become your powers.

Where in the past we feared and avoided the cold, we have now turned the ability to withstand it into our superpower. Taking back the control of our bodies and minds, pushing out into the unknown, in search of the best versions of ourselves.

We are the winter bikers, and this is #winterbikerchallenge.



To promote personal growth and physical fortitude through winter motorcycle riding. Motorcycling is a very empowering activity in it's own right, but we believe that this energy can be also channelled to becoming better humans, and living up to our potential.

Riding a motorcycle is not an easy feat, but even more so during winter, when the weather turns cold and the days become shorter.

These conditions allow us to test ourselves, see how far can we go out of our comfort zone.

Inspired by such people as Wim Hof, we aim to put our bodies and minds to the test and discover how we can achieve our full potential. As humans, we are programmed to grow through extreme discomfort, we are built to overcome challenges.


In the preparation for the challenge, we aim to get comfortable with the idea of being in the cold, both mentally and physically, and leave the fear behind.

During the challenge, we aim to thrive in the cold conditions and reap the benefits of controlled cold exposure and the mental clarity that follows.

The sense of accomplishment from completing the challenge and knowledge that you're capable of much more than you can imagine.


Winter Biker Challenge day: Dec 23rd

Last Sunday before Christmas, and first Sunday after the winter solstice, is the official Winter Biker Challenge day. A chance to organize rides globally and locally to celebrate the winter bikers. 

Goal: successfully ride through the 2018-2019 winter, the focus is on the month of December.

We will promote the participant's posts on the @winterbikerchallenge Instagram account, where we will also offer information and guidance for motorcycle maintenance during winter, gear recommendations as well  as physical preparation and conditioning for the cold.

Short checklist: 

  1. Start getting comfortable with the idea of cold exposure. Think it over, imagine being able to step into the cold without shivering and without fear.

  2. Begin physical preparation with controlled cold exposure (cold showers) and prime your body with the Wim Hof method.

  3. Continue your daily or weekend rides, as long as it's safe, beware of ice on the ground.

  4. Document your progress and your thoughts with the #winterbikerchallenge hashtag and share them with the community.

     5. Ride with us (locally and globally) on Dec 23rd and share the ride on social media.