From riding, to writing, designing, sketching, painting, racing and building. I dedicate my life to all things motorcycling, with a dash of curiosity and a whole lot of creative sparks flying around.

This is For The Love Of Bikes.


Who is bella Litinetski?

Bella is an automotive, product and graphic designer, as well as a motorcycle blogger and reporter, based in the Bologna area, Italy. Originally from Israel, she has moved to Italy with her husband in 2011 in order to persue her dream of living a life immersed in motorcycle culture.
Her curriculum includes internship at Ducati Design Centre, a B.A. thesis in collaboration with Energica, product design work for Italjet and various freelance projects for design studios and private clients. Her final Master’s thesis project, sponsored by Suzuki, has been selected as 1 out of 2 “best of the class” designs.

As part of her journalistic activity, she has been an active contributor at various blogs and magazines in Italy, Israel and the US. Since 2015 she has been a test rider and columnist for such online publications as MissBiker, helping to pave the way for the growth and spread of women’s motorcycling in Italy. As of 2018 she has had collaborations with Italy’s InMoto, as well as Israel’s Moto-Doogri magazine. Topics covered range from racetrack motorcycle reviews to travel and, of course, design and engineering. Bella currently produces articles in English, Italian and Hebrew, and speaks Russian fluently.

2017 has seen her racing debut at the Italian Hill Climb Championship, where she has earned 3rd rank in the 600cc Stock and Open Crono-Climber divisions. She remains an active trackday and road rider, while always exploring new ways of experiencing motorcycling on the flat track, in the snow, and off road.

civs crono11.jpg

As a natural evolution of her journalistic experience, and a growing interest in photography and videography, Bella has been able to establish her voice in the motorcycle community while sharing her life’s journey and passion on social media.

Stay up to date with Bella’s latest adventures:

Instagram: @thebella.lit
YouTube: /The Bella Lit